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Location / Getting Here

By Road:

For your GPS or Map Reader, you'll find us at:

5967 Stawell-Avoca Road

By Air / Private Strip:

Owner - Ian Summerfield 
Two nautical miles from 5967 Stawell Avoca Rd, Moonambel 3478

WAC Chart: 3469
Latitude: 36˚ 58' 18" S
Longitude: 143˚ 17' 10" E
Runway Direction: 13 /31
Length: 1000m
Elevation: 1100ft 
Formed grass. 
1% gradient to southeast. Windsock.

Special procedures

Rwy 31 left hand circuit. 
Rwy 13 right hand circuit
No lighting
No nav. aids
No fuel
Landing permission required, no fees
Nearest town Moonambel
BRG / DIST 2 nm / NW

Suitable aircraft

Most single engine aircraft under 5700 kgs. 
Up to six (6) seat capacity.
Light twins including: PN68 Partnavis and Piper Aztec
Piper Navaho up to ten (10) seats and most other light twins up to six seats, e.g., Cessna 310, Piper Comanche and similar type aircraft.

For further details or to make a request for use, please phone (03) 5467 2264.


This information has been compiled in good faith as a guide to flight planning only and in no way absolves the pilot from responsibility in making decisions as to the suitability of this private airstrip for their use and any conditions present at the time of use.  

Use of this airstrip shall be solely at the risk of the pilot and their passengers.