For more than forty years our family has grown grapes in the Pyrenees region and used traditional wine making methods to create award winning deep, hearty, bold reds. One hundred years before Summerfield Winery was established our family lived and worked in the Pyrenees region. Working on the land, we developed a healthy respect and admiration for Australian soil and recognised its potential in delivering quality crops.

Ian Summerfield

In 1970 Ian, a third generation Summerfield, saw the success of a neighbour growing grapevines and felt it could bring his family prosperity. Breaking away from the crops our family traditionally grew, Ian then planted ten acres of predominantly Shiraz vines. The next generation of our family would grow up amongst these very same vines and develop a deep passion for winemaking. Initially Ian sold Summerfield grapes to wineries in the Pyrenees region however, he felt the winemaking industry was soon going to take off. With little understanding of how to turn grapes into wine, Ian sought the advice of experienced winemakers for guidance in establishing Summerfield winery.

Fourth Generation

When Ian’s sons Craig and Mark – the fourth Summerfield generation – showed an interest in viticulture and winemaking, Ian was inspired to plan, build and develop Summerfield winery further. As his boys developed their winemaking skills, Ian stepped away from winemaking and went back to his true love, the vineyard. The role of winemaker would be handed down the family to Mark. Craig formally studied winemaking and viticulture at Roseworthy Agricultural College in Adelaide and was enthusiastic about the potential of Summerfield Winery. Tragically, after battling illness, Craig passed away in 2006. Our family was devastated by his passing however have honoured him by producing a wine in his name. Mark has been our winemaker since 1999. He learnt the art and tradition of Summerfield winemaking from his dad Ian. The approach Mark takes to winemaking ensures the preservation of techniques and philosophies first developed by Ian when establishing Summerfield Winery. Given our humble beginnings, we are proud of our history and the award winning success of Summerfield winery. We look forward to the next generation of our family taking the reigns and continuing the tradition of delivering wines with passion.